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About Us

“Welcome to Wermelskirchen” is a campaign founded by Christians for refugees and asylum seekers in Wermelskirchen. We want to say hello to those people who come from all over the world to our country, the Federal Republic of Germany to look for shelter and help. We want them to feel save here in longing for freedom and humanity.

The meaning of our campaign is to live a warm culture of welcome. We see ourselves in the tradition of C hristianity. Jesus Christ told us to love our neighbour and to take care of the foreigners and refugees. Hospitality, charity and mercy are Christian values and we stand up for them.

These Christian values also mean to us to stand up for this society our forefathers and foremothers rebuilt after the desaster of Wold War Two. We appreciate this democratic society and the basic law, the Human Rights and also Children’s Rights.

This means for example,

  • that everyone has the right to live his or her own religion,
  • and it means as well that everyone has the right to free expression,
  • that men and women are equal and everybody is free to choose a life  he or she wants to.
  • And we stand up for children to have a good education and to have the right to live with their own father and mother.

In this campaign there are some free offers for example to learn the German language and to meet each other. We are looking foreward to getting to know people from foreign cultures and lifestyles. And we are here to help them to find their own way into our society.

So we just want to say:
refugees and people who are looking for asylum are very welcome in our city of Wermelskirchen.